Work at PolySync

PolySync helps our customers bring self-driving vehicles to the road, safely.


the middle of everywhere

PolySync's main office is conveniently located in inner-southeast Portland, near some of Portland's best microbreweries and restaurants. Abundant on-street parking is available, and (until self-driving cars are more common) our indoor bike rack, close proximity to popular bus routes, and affordable nearby apartments allow you to choose your own commute.

shop access

Employees enjoy access to PolySync’s shop area – including our 10,000 pound lift – for personal projects, or basic work on their own vehicles.

great benefits

All employees receive access to PolySync’s excellent medical, dental, and vision benefits provided through BlueCross Blue Shield, as well as a 401k program, and equity-based incentives.


a chance to do your best work

Although we are an open-office environment, our 10,000 square foot facility is being upgraded to include dedicated R&D spaces and fabrication equipment, as well as multiple communal and isolated quiet areas so you can select among multiple, comfortable spaces to allow you to do your best work.

humane technical interview process

PolySync's technical interview process is intended to allow us to understand how you think about solving problems. We will talk through your previous experiences, and attempt to solve a hypothetical or real-world problem together.

You may choose to leverage "whiteboard coding" or other tools as a means to express yourself; however, they are not required. We do not expect rote memorization of programming language constructs, algorithms, etc.; being able to find information you need and act upon it is our primary focus.