The tools and software infrastructure at the center of autonomous vehicle development.

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PolySync Core provides a runtime infrastructure and development framework that turns algorithms, sensors, and actuators into plug-and-play apps.

Using concepts from web and mobile development, Core simplifies complex systems, making powerful software faster to build, easier to maintain, and safer to operate.


PolySync  ♥  ROS

Work smarter and faster in ROS with PolySync Core 2.0. Our ROS Bridge gives you the best of both worlds: application development where you want it, with open access to Core’s robust communications layer. Everything from timing and synchronization, distributed record & replay, configuration management, and our extensive suite of sensor drivers are available to simplify and accelerate your ROS workflow. Let Core 2.0 take care of backend complexity, so you can focus on what’s important: getting your code on the road.

ROS (left) and Core Studio (right) playing the same PolySync data log.

Plug & Play

Popular sensor and by-wire control platforms are natively supported, and adding your own is fast and easy.









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Development Velocity

One simple command generates a runtime application that provides access to a powerful set of APIs to build a modular, fault-tolerant software stack for autonomous driving.


Core scales from the simplest systems to the most complex, without code changes.

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Core Studio

Visualize sensor data and manage your log files.


Capture all of your sensor data with zero loss and sub-millisecond timing fidelity.

Share & Organize

Captured data is portable and sortable even on distributed systems using our virtual file system.


When replaying captured data, timing is maintained precisely, even in distributed systems.

Simplify & Accelerate

Tooling for fast development and simple state management

An extensive driver library for popular sensors and by-wire platforms

Distributed record and replay capable of zero data loss and sub-millisecond timing fidelity

Data management tools for organizing and re-using data

Pub/sub and get/set APIs for building modular and robust distributed systems

System-wide diagnostics API to help pinpoint and respond to errors

Fault tolerant and precise time synchronization services

Integrations with popular development tools, like ROS and MATLAB Simulink