April 6, 2018

Join us at kVA's Autonomy Safety Forum to hear our CTO, Nathan Äschbacher, speak on autonomous vehicle safety alongside industry leaders from Uber, NVIDIA, and kVA.


Nathan’s presentation will probe the safety requirements found in today’s automotive industry, in an effort to encourage those working in the space to take a hard look at their own standards and practices around software functional safety. Read his abstract below for more information.

Autonomy is bringing a level of complexity and responsibility to automotive software that is unprecedented. There are significant questions as to whether or not current approaches and standards for automotive software functional-safety are meaningfully prescriptive for, or even up to the task of, providing safety assurances in the design, implementation, and deployment of AV software. The same is true of its associated software infrastructure. Leaving these questions unanswered was acceptable while the industry focused on early-stage autonomy capability, but as the market matures toward production-bound platforms these questions must be resolved. To accomplish this we will need to bring our ideas, data, and methods to the forefront of our discussions to ensure they come in contact with critical-analysis and dissent, so that together we arrive at solutions that are fully-informed by the gravity of the safety challenges ahead.

kVA's Autonomy Safety Forum
April 12th / 8am - Noon
kVA headquarters in San Jose, CA.
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