PolySync Establishes Strategic Partnerships with NXP, Swift Navigation, and More.

December 12, 2017

Portland, OR (PRWeb)

PolySync Technologies, Inc.—a company that provides tools and software to enable the development of autonomous vehicle technology — is pursuing strategic partnerships aimed at accelerating the development of safe driverless cars. The company has partnered with ten organizations spanning the autonomous vehicle development industry, including software companies, hardware manufacturers, and education providers.

These collaborations allow PolySync and its partners to provide their customers with a cohesive technology ecosystem. For example, PolySync provides integrated support between its Core 2.0 data capture platform and its partner companies products. This helps customers avoid spending time solving low level integration issues, and instead focus on tackling the real technology challenges facing the industry.

“Autonomous driving requires performance as well as robust safety, security, powerful software, mathematical libraries and algorithms, tools, training databases, infrastructure and connectivity to name just a few areas. These requirements are so vast that a single company cannot cover them all. A partnership program with all the possible competencies rolled together will accelerate the mass deployment of autonomous driving. The Polysync Partnership Program is definitely a positive step towards achieving this goal,” said Arnaud Van den Bossche, Business and Marketing Manager, Safe Autonomous Systems for NXP.

By building connections across the autonomous vehicle industry, PolySync and its partner companies found that collaboration makes for faster progress and a better overall experience for their customers. “Our technology-focused alliance with PolySync has resulted in a driver for Swift Navigation’s flagship product, Piksi® Multi,” said Diana Schlosser, Vice President of Marketing for Swift Navigation. Piksi Multi brings a high-precision, centimeter-accurate GNSS driver to one of many in a suite of popular autonomous driving sensors from PolySync. Added Schlosser, “PolySync’s Preferred Partnership Program will allow system integrators to simplify development of self-driving cars and lower barriers of entry to automotive teams developing autonomous functionality.”

As autonomous vehicles shift from research and development towards production, the importance of partnerships that encourage faster paced technological advancement become increasingly apparent. “PolySync believes that safe autonomous vehicles can’t get to the market quickly enough. We created our partner program to speed development by creating an ecosystem of like-minded companies that are expediting the path to production.” said Jay Ellis, Director of Business Development of PolySync Technologies, Inc.

PolySync plans to build upon the initial success of the Preferred Partnership Program by expanding participation to more companies and organizations across the industry. The company believes that collaboration and cooperation are critical for rapidly addressing the challenges facing the widespread deployment of safe autonomous cars. You can see a full list of partners on our partners page. For more information contact info(at)polysync(dot)io.

About PolySync Technologies, Inc.: PolySync Technologies singular vision is to simplify and accelerate the development of safe self-driving cars. Founded in 2013, our company has developed tools and software that enable automakers and autonomous vehicle startups to seamlessly build, test, and deploy safe autonomous vehicle applications with minimal time and resource waste. PolySync has been used by companies from startups to Fortune 500s to develop their most advanced vehicle technology. Our team is building the future of the software-defined car in Portland, OR and Detroit, MI. Learn more online at polysync.io and follow us on Twitter @PolySync