PolySync to Power First Ever Autonomous Vehicle Track Day


May 25, 2016

Thunderhill Raceway, CA (PRWeb)

PolySync, the autonomy operating system used by automakers and suppliers worldwide, announced today its participation in the first ever “Self Racing Cars” autonomous track day at Thunderhill Raceway, May 28th-29th.

The event, organized by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Joshua Schachter, has drawn a diverse roster of teams interested in autonomous vehicles and related technologies. Schachter, a car racing enthusiast, plans to expand the weekend event into an ongoing autonomous racing series.

“We’re excited about getting on the track with these teams,” says PolySync CEO, Josh Hartung. “PolySync was designed to simplify and accelerate autonomy development through a platform approach, so it’s no coincidence that so many cars on the track will be running PolySync.”

There will be no shortage of opportunities to see PolySync in action during the weekend event. AutonomouStuff, a world supplier of autonomy components and services, plans to demonstrate their own autonomous applications built on the PolySync framework. “We are very excited to show the world the power of a complete platform,” says AutonomouStuff CEO, Bobby Hambrick.

The PolySync development vehicle, piloted by professional driver Mark Drennan, will collect gigabytes of high-fidelity sensor data about the course environment, including other cars and objects. PolySync will then distribute the collected data to participants, which, in combination with the PolySync platform, can then be used by teams developing algorithms and self-driving applications.