PolySync P. Platform Engineer, Dan Pittman, to speak at Strange Loop, September 26-28.

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The Pursuit of Safer Mobility.

Fast Company

"Once you cede control, what will you accept as safe enough?"

Read our thoughts on autonomous vehicle safety in Fast Company.

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DriveKit Case Study

"The day the vehicle arrived [...] we were off and running."

Find out how VSI and PolySync partnered to solve the challenge of AV on-road testing.

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The future of functional safety.

We're turning cutting-edge research into the most advanced fault-tolerant, high-performance software infrastructure for autonomous vehicles.


Products proven to help the development of safer autonomy.

PolySync DriveKit

DriveKit. The vehicle control interface.

PolySync Core

Core. The high-bandwidth data capture platform.

Expertise that stays ahead of the industry.



When writing safety-critical software, demonstrating compliance with a set of guidelines can present a formidable challenge.

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We examine the challenges of using C and its associated standards and tools when applied to safety-critical applications.

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