The vehicle control interface for advanced testing & development.


By-wire control of steering, throttle, and brake.

DriveKit interacts at the electrical interface, providing superior precision control without sacrificing the factory safety case through CAN injection or hacking ADAS features.

DriveKit installation

Easily installs in under an hour.

DriveKit is a complete system that includes everything from automotive-grade wiring harnesses to step-by-step guides, and can be installed with simple hand tools with no permanent vehicle modifications.

Never lose control.

Operator override gives the safety driver instant control over the vehicle at any time. Simply turn the steering wheel, press the brake or accelerator, or hit the E-Stop.

Operator override steering


Operator override brake


Operator override acceleration


Operator override emergency stop



Compatible with your platform.

DriveKit provides a CAN interface (DBC included) for integrating your applications and to ensure compatibility with a wide-array of platforms, including the NVIDIA DrivePX2, Windows-based controllers, and Linux-based systems.


Start Ahead.


One Hour INstallation

Includes everything from pre-configured hardware and quick-connect wiring harnesses to step-by-step guides. No permanent vehicle modifications or specialized tools required for fast, easy installation.

Transparent Vehicle Control

Full-range control of the vehicle (even at low speeds) without altering the factory safety-case, spoofing CAN messages, or hacking ADAS features.

Engineering Flexibility

Open source software and hardware designs through OSCC means no black boxes and no proprietary lock-ins for complete engineering flexibility.

Quality, Portable system

Built using automotive-grade wiring and harnesses, machined aluminum enclosures, and native vehicle connectors that easily fit inside a standard carry-on.

Commercially Supported

Email & web support, plus access to all future firmware and software updates and PCB designs. One year parts warranty.


Inside the Box.

DriveKit ships worldwide and can be installed with simple hand tools in about an hour. Includes one year warranty and live support. Compatible Kia Soul EV and Kia Niro Hybrid.


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