New PolySync White Paper: "Safety Implications of Serialization Timing in Autonomous Vehicles"


Notes on the Future of Mobility
(from the people building it)

Session Types for Hearty Codecs

In software systems where components talk to each other, data serialization is an essential challenge. A system’s encoding format has to hit the right balance of requirements around performance, expressiveness, tooling quality, and ease of correct usage.

  • Zack Pierce

How I Learned to Love Property Based Testing

The first time I was invited to join a field test for OSCC, our open source car control platform, I was beyond excited. Driving a car with a game controller seemed like playing a real life racing game. As an engineer previously focused on game development, witnessing how the hardware, firmware, and software interacted with real-world physical interference captured my curiosity. After a deeper dive into the project, my Need for Speed1 daydreams were shelved as I became aware of two important realities:

  • Katie Cleary